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Microdosing Launchpad Online Workshop

Microdosing Plant Medicines for Mental Health, Well-Being & Well-Living

A free workshop on everything you need to know to start your microdosing journey

Microdosing Plant Medicines & Psychedelics is revealing itself to be the next leap in the evolution of mental health therapies and well-being.

I see micro-dosing as a revolution in the field of mental health, and a bridge between the ancient and traditional ways of working with Sacred Plant Medicines and the modern approaches towards healing, both in conventional, alternative & complementary therapeutic modalities.


Plant Medicines and their compounds are, paraphrasing Stanislav Grof (the creator of Transpersonal Psychology), to mental health and wellbeing what the telescope was for astronomy or the microscope to biology and medicine: a complete game changer and revolution.


I am 100% certain about that.

I Believe, trust and know to the core of my being from personal experience, that Plant Medicine assisted therapies and integrating Plant Medicines into our lives is the next revolution in Mental health and well-being.


These plants are very powerful beings, when approached with humility, gratitude and respect they can assist us in moving from survival to thriving, bringing profound healing, insight and clarity and help us embody and translate it into our every day lives.

My highest wish for this workshop is that it’s inspiring for you and brings you clarity on the best way to move forward and beginning or deepening your connection with these Plant Teachers, and simultaneously with yourself arriving to a felt sense of home within your heart, body, mind and Being.

In this workshop you'll learn

And much more.

In this 1hr long workshop we’ll dive deep into the fundamentals to get you right on track into your microdosing protocol for well-being & Well-Living.

These plants are very powerful beings, and when approached with humility, gratitude and respect they can provide us with profound healing, insight and clarity as we move forward in our lives, bringing us into a state of connectedness, integration, aliveness and alignment.

My intention is to provide all the essentials that you need to make an informed decision and work with these Plants and compounds in a responsible and respectful way; combining traditional wisdom of the use of these Plant Teachers and modern discoveries and approaches of working with them for healing, self-development and well-being purposes.

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“Plant medicines are a blessing, they are symbiotic partners with our species and catalysts for the evolution of consciousness. They have brought many people to the realization that our fundamental challenge is to reforge a partnership with Nature

Dennis McKenna



What if I can’t connect to the live call?

I highly encourage you to do your best to show up for the live call, that’s when the magic is actually happening and you get the chance to ask your questions at the end.

However, if that’s not possible, there’ll be a recording available for 48hrs if you register.

Remember, you have to register to access the recording.

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Presented by
Juan Manuel Burgos

Since 2008 walking the Sacred Path of serving Mother Earth & Spirit and following their call and guidance, in devoted and committed dedication to support us remembering who we are, the healing of what limits our expression and discovering new ways of being with ourselves, our surroundings and one another.


On my journey, I went through a myriad of life initiations and rites of passage, each giving me a gift and a blessing to carry on with renewed appreciation and gratitude for life and taking me to this present moment.

My intention is to support people awaken and attune to their inner guidance, coming home to their Heart, connect with Spirit and Earth, integrating all parts of themselves and finding their unique way of walking life in beauty, celebration, integrity, alignment, gratitude, joy, Love and right relation with all.

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The information provided during this workshop is solely for informational and educational purposes and it’s not intended as, and shall not be understood, substituted, or taken as professional medical advice or treatment. This class does not encourage nor advise on the illegal use of any substances.


Always exercise caution, use harm-reduction, be ethical, and do your own research. If you choose to microdose plant medicines or psychedelics you’re doing it under your own free will and taking full responsibility for the nature of your experience.


I highly encourage to do your own research and take proper action to be informed before you begin working with Plant medicines.

And remember, Plant Medicines are Wise and powerful Beings, please approach them with the utmost respect and humility. If you are considering working with Plant Medicines, prioritize your preparation before and the integration after.

Read my full disclaimer HERE

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“Psychedelics and Plant Medicines, used responsibly and with proper caution, can be for psychiatry & Psychology what the microscope is to the study of biology and medicine or the telescope for astronomy”

Stanislav Grof

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