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for special occasions & private events

It's my passion to put together Sacred and Ceremonial spaces that are supportive for specific intentions, events, retreats, occasions and important moments, and that allow us to access the magic, healing, insight, blessings and many gifts they have to uplift participants in their journey and extensively benefit the global well-being and living.


The spaces I create are deeply rooted in devotion of Mother Earth, and the Spirit of gratitude, joy and celebration of life. I work primarily with Cacao, Sacred Fire, medicine music and soundscapes, offerings, prayers and intentionality, woven together in a unique way for each specific circumstance.

They integrate the beauty of a powerful central Altar, tools, resources, Spiritual technologies, healing modalities and practices, working with plant allies, prayer, offerings, medicine music and more that I’ve learnt and experienced on my journey, and that based on your vision, intentions and requirements for the event will be put together in a one-of-a-kind way and format that uplifts the visions for it.

As a ceremonialist and facilitator, my role is to bring the beauty, magic and uniqueness of these Sacred Spaces to support the specific intentions, needs and requirements of your event, enhancing the experience of it, making it even more special.

My intention is to curate a space that will support the intentions and visions of special gatherings in a meaningful and powerful way, where you and participants get the opportunity to connect deeper with themselves, the Divine, Earth and weaving the hearts of everyone involved amplifying the potency of the container and reach of intentions and prayers.


Ceremony and ritual are gateways to connect with Spirit, Earth and our Hearts, opening us up to a space beyond the personal realm, inviting us to come home within and around, connect with our Hearts, our Soul and ancient memory, where we can remember our place on this planet and experience, and for our intentions and prayers to be heard and receive the blessings available for us in ways that are beneficial for the whole.

Whether it is for a special family occasion (wedding, celebration, etc.), part of your retreat, training, festival or called upon for any other reason, these spaces uplift the frequency of the space, expanding the intentions, visions and dreams for it even further and inviting participants to a deeper sense of connection with their experience and everything around. 

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Adding a Ceremony as part of your event or having it specifically designed for your intentions makes a big difference in how they can unfold and bring forth all the blessings they have, both for you and for all the participants, amplifying the potency of the intentions, visions, and space helping them ground clearer into reality.


Each ceremony is unique, crafted and curated based on the wishes, intentions, motivations and desired outcomes you're wanting for your event, retreat, training or special moment that's asking for a ceremony or you're feeling called to integrate in what you're doing.


RETREATS & TRAININGS (opening, closing or support during the process)


FAMILY GATHERINGS & SPECIAL MOMENTS (Weddings, Birthdays, Celebrations, Etc)





These ceremonies can be adapted to each circumstance, including different elements and additions like the CuraTeam group of musicians and ceremonialists I work with, Sacred Fire, specific prayers and offerings, and anything else that's needed to serve the intentions, group, individual and space in the best way.

If you want to know more, I invite you to book a consultation call to find the best way to work together and make an amazing, unique, and very special ceremony for your intentions


For centuries our ancestors gathered in ceremonial ways.

To acknowledge and meet the Divine; to give thanks & pray; to celebrate endings, beginnings and accomplishments; to meet with the mystery & nature and learn from them; to greet spirit and receive its wisdom; to heal, remember, feel empowered and grow; to share stories, weave dreams together, create our reality and connect with the beauty and gift of life, finding a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and intention as we cruise in this human experience.

In these modern times, integrating ceremonial ways into what we do is essential so we can nourish our beings with the gift of being in the moment, plug into the subtle realms while staying present and in connection with all that is in our lives and surroundings.

What clients are saying about the ceremonies

"Juan is one of the most devoted human beings I know, and his work with altars, ritual, herbs and intention in the space brings another dimensionality that supports the space, the facilitators and participants.

His work has enhanced our ceremonies and ecstatic dance floors in an enormous way..."

Sophie Sofree - Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun


These are some of the Ceremonies that I can create, guide and facilitate in different settings, formats and configurations.

Cacao Ceremonies

Designed around the main intentions for each specific group and situation, with the assistance of Cacao medicine opening & weaving our Hearts and helping our prayers & intentions to come together in beautiful ways. They can be indoors or outdoors, with or without Sacred Fire, large and small groups or 1:1 sessions.

Sacred Fire & Cacao Ceremonies

These ceremonies weave wisdom from different lineages that work with this element in ceremonial ways. Grandfather Fire presence in the space opens up a whole other level of experience as we activate this direct channel between heaven and earth for our intentions, offerings, prayers and visions, accompanying our journey during the Ceremony.