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Cacao Connection

Cacao connection is a 1-on-1 Sacred Space to begin or deepen your connection with Cacao as an ally and companion along your path of becoming who you are where to be.


Cacao Connection is a gateway into discovering the blessings of Mother Earth through this powerful medicine and receive the gifts She has for you.


Cacao connection is my way to honor and be in service to the Spirit of Cacao, Mother Earth, Great Spirit and Universal Love, with the intention to support us listen and connect deeper within ourselves, attune to Nature and our hearts, find clarity on our paths, blossom and shine our unique beauty, and from that space connect with others and our surroundings to walk in beauty and in right relation with all that is.

I look forward to meet you in this Sacred space and support you developing a connection with this special Medicine, Mother Earth, Spirit, Love and your inner wisdom and gifts.


Cacao, Food of the gods, a powerful yet gentle medicine, a gift from the gods themselves, through the Divine Union of Mother Nature-Pachamama and Great Spirit, and the Universal Heart at the center of all that is.


A Master Plant, a sweet ally that’s here to support us, steer us back into center when we get a bit lost or confused along the way, opening our hearts, reminding us who we are, and that we are a part of all that is, not apart from it and of our roles as Earth Keepers and Wise Men and Women in these times of paradigm shifts and creating new ways of being and living on Earth.

There’s a Mayan myth tells us that "whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony” my heart deeply resonates with this, I know it to be true in my Heart, and it is through my own exploration with cacao that I get to reconfirm it again and again.



A session is a Sacred and Ceremonial space where we’ll meet to connect with Cacao and based on where you are at in your journey and your intentions, I'll support you on taking your initial steps of connecting with the Spirit and Medicine of Cacao and integrate it into your life as an ally, or deepen your current journey with this beautiful Medicine.


I’ll be holding point of this Sacred Space that welcomes you in your fullness, and we’ll go through different themes and topics while sharing what I have found along the way and what I learnt from my own experience with Cacao and holding ceremonial space for myself and for groups with this medicine in different contexts, with the intention of helping you discovering and expanding your own connection with Cacao.

Cacao Connection can be a 1-time session, or a specially designed journey over 4 sessions (with the possibility of continue with more sessions as needed) to guide you deeper into how you can connect with this plant and receive the blessings she has for you.

My intention is to be there for you, welcome you as you are, and help you start or develop even more your relationship with this medicine, with yourself, Mother Earth, Spirit and walk life in beauty and gratitude in right relation with all that is and sharing your true self and service to the world.

Whether you are just starting your connection with this plant or have journeyed with it for a while, this sessions will provide inspiration and guidance to walk this path in the ways that will support you the most.


Connecting with a plant...


It's a relationship. It is cultivated and unfolds over time, with its many landscapes, flowers, fruits, harvests, gifts, surprises, challenges, blessings, discoveries, and opportunities to grow and shine.

It’s an invitation to come forth with an open heart, curiosity and authenticity, to listen, to be present, to feel, and allow the blessing of the interbeing & connection reveal itself.


Everyone has its own way of connecting with this plant. And it's an ongoing journey!



Each session it’s a sacred space anchored in the pillars of loving presence, intentionality, empathic listening, open communication, gratitude, and curiosity.

We meet on a zoom call for 1hr, where we open a ceremonial space to commune with cacao and let the session unfold guided by this medicine, your intentions for the session and what’s present in the moment of meeting.

For those of you choosing a package of sessions, we’ll explore different themes each session that will help you establish a better foundation to explore your relationship with this medicine. I’m available during that process to support you further with any curiosity or challenge that arises.

We might flow between spaces of silence, listening, dialogue, sound and music, prayer and visioning and I’ll be sharing as well some practical guidance and suggestions to accompany what’s emerging and your initial intentions.

We’ll have check-ins along the way to see how things are moving for you, and continue as needed to make the most out of our time together.

Once we arrive to completion, we will gather the gifts of the session and I’ll offer some extra guidance and suggestions as required depending on the unfolding of our meeting.


We will close the Sacred Space, and opening the space for your personal exploration with Cacao as you keep walking.

My commitment is to make sure you leave the session with more perspective and clarity on how to work with this medicine, the ways it can support you and practical suggestions that will aid in that process of discovering and deepening your relationship with Cacao.


This Sacred Space can be opened again any other time you feel like needing some support or guidance, or we can also agree to have a series of sessions over a period of time.

If you're taking your firsts steps with connecting with Cacao and want to start in the best way possible, or if you’re wanting to work with Cacao as an ally to support a specific purpose (healing, creative process, space holding, facilitation or other) I highly recommend you to embark on a journey together of 4 sessions that will provide the best foundation for that and I can also support your journey on a regular basis to make the most out of your experience with this Medicine and your path.




1-on-1 Video call on Zoom - 1hr calls

Time and day to be arranged via the link to bookings and my schedule.


1x Session = 100usd*

4x session journey 400usd*

(Can be paid in 2 instalments of 200usd or 1 payment of 350usd)

If you're taking your first steps towards connecting with Cacao or want to use it as an ally for a specific purpose (healing, creative process, space holding, facilitation or other) I highly recommend you to embark on a journey together of 4 sessions

If you're undergoing financial hardship at the moment and feel a strong call to do it, please contact me to have a conversation and find a payment plan and exchange that works and feels great for both of us.

*Payment, Refund and Re-scheduling Policy: Payment details in booking link. Sessions are confirmed once payment is cleared. There are no refunds for the session(s). 24hrs notice for cancellations and rescheduling is needed.

Ready to start?

If you want to know more information or you're still not sure if this is for you contact me and we can have a 15' consultation call.

Looking forward to meet you in this beautiful, sweet, gentle and profound Cacao Sacred Space


*Begin your connection with Cacao Medicine introducing it as an ally.

*Introduce Sacred and Ceremonial Space in your daily life

*Enhance your personal practice and creative flow

*Explore new avenues for creativity, inspiration and healing.

*Deepen into other ways you can work with Cacao for yourself and with others.

*Support your personal journey of healing.

*Open up your heart and mind to new perspectives to improve your life quality. 

*Deepen your connection with Mother Earth.

*Learn the ways to prepare Cacao and work with it in honoring and respectful ways to the medicine and the traditions that carry this medicine.

*Discover more of who you are and your connection with everything that is.

*Grow into your space holding capacities, for yourself and for others.

*Support the integration of personal transformation processes.



"I'm grateful and blessed for the beautiful session with Juan. His energy, presence, passion, voice, music, the space and container created honoring Cacao and the traditions helped me learn a lot and gave me a beautiful foundation to continue working and connecting with Cacao for myself and others when the time comes.


Looking forward to connect again and learn more!"



I'm super happy to share with you a Cacao Connection Quick Guide and Practice that you can implement right away for your own personal exploration with Cacao.

In this guide I put together a way to connect with this Medicine that comes from my personal experience of sitting with Her, other plant medicines, and from facilitating and holding sacred space in different kind of containers and fields and especially my daily Cacao ritual and listening to how this medicine wants to work through and with me.

If you're already using Cacao in some way in your life, this guide will set you on course to deepen your experience of it. If you're about to start exploring your connection with Cacao it bring some insights and inspiration to begin, either way I’m sure it will be supportive in many ways! Enjoy!



Cacao Connection Guide & Practice.png

If at any point of that personal discovery of your relationship with Cacao you want some support and guidance, I’m here for when you’re ready.


Feel welcomed to reach out, I’d love to share that space with you and be of help and support on on your path.

Cacao Guide Anchor
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