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My name is Juan Manuel Burgos Galarraga, born and raised in Argentina, I live in Bali and I see myself as a steward of Mother Earth and the new ways of being and living with ourselves, with each other, our surroundings and environment.


Scorpio, Spirit Animals I connect with are the Jaguar, Eagle and Phoenix, Waxaquib Imox is my birthday in the Chol Q'ij (traditional Mayan Calendar), Plant Medicine advocate, enthusiast and ongoing student; experiential learner, Space Holder, Facilitator and Ceremony guide, some of my superpowers are resilience, authenticity and feeling, and I walk learning and remembering from the Beauty ways from different lineages that speak to my Soul, Mother Earth, Spirit and Love, doing my best to support us all to experience and be in Sumaq Kawsay (Well Being and Well Living).

My education, background & experience

In my own journey of healing and discovering who I am, I came a long way (and for sure more to be unveiled and remembered!), finding inspiration, support and guidance from many different modalities.

My trainings and certifications include:

Prashant Yoga teacher training - Prashant Yoga, Argentina.
Iyengar yoga Intensives at Prashant Yogashraya & Yoga Study Center - Bangaluru & Rishikesh, India.
Permaculture Design Course - Instituto Na'Lu'Um, Argentina.

Integral Permaculture Design Course - El camino de la Permacultura, Argentina.

Ecovillage Design Education - Gaia University, Chile.

Permaculture Diploma - Gaia University & El Manzano, Chile
Tantra Bodywork training - House of Tantra, Amsterdam.
Several ISTA L1 & L2 trainings - Asia & Europe.
ISTA Practitioners Training Graduate - Czech Republic.

Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation - by Atira Tan & AYA Healing Retreats, Online.

And countless different kind of workshops, immersions and retreats in the fields of Permaculture, Tantra, Yoga, Self-Development, Plant medicine, Shamanic work, Ceremony, Conscious Sexuality, Community, Embodiment, Intimacy & Relationships & Trauma Healing,  not only as a participant and student but also as a coordinator, organizer and facilitator as well in most of those areas.

All these modalities inform my body of work in a unique blend, seasoned with the learnings and growth from my direct and personal experience of overcoming and healing from complex trauma, addiction, depression, stress & burnout, borderline personality disorder and anxiety; as well as awakenings, life initiations, challenges and rite of passage of all sorts over the last +15 years of life that blessed me with many realizations in my process of diving deep within, discovering who I am, growing into self-love and bring my gifts to the world.

My approach is centered in creating a Sacred Safe Space anchored in Mother Earth and Spirit where all meets in the Heart, deeply rooted in devotion for Nature's wisdom, awakening and reconnecting us with our inner guidance, beauty, gratitude, joy and celebration of life where we can remember who we are, all parts of ourselves are welcomed, where we can meet what’s present in the moment with new eyes and find perspective to listen and receive the insight and gifts available for us in these Ceremonial spaces, come back home within and move forward in life from that space of alignment, re-attunement and clarity.

I have curated and facilitated ceremonies and diverse Sacred spaces bringing together people from all walks of life for special moments such as Solstices, Equinoxes, Full & New Moon and also for private events, retreats, trainings, festivals, Ceremonial concerts, family events, and important moments in life to support specific intentions, visions and prayers for each particular occasion.

As the journey grows and unfolds, I also feel called to share what I have discovered in Sacred Space creation and Cacao Connection workshops, 1:1 healing sessions and classes, with the intention to inspire in their own journey of connecting with these powerful spaces as well as growing into guiding them and working with them in uplifting and aligned ways.

My mission is to support people awakening and connecting to their inner guidance, reconnect with Mother Earth and the subtle aspects of being alive, develop a felt sense of home in their heart-body-mind-being and with everything around, integrating all parts of themselves and finding the joy of living in alignment with their highest truth and walk life in beauty, gratitude, celebration and right relation with all, creating and experiencing new ways of being within themselves, with others and the environment.

My wish is that these spaces support us come back home within and celebrate the gift life is and come out ready and inspired to embody more of who we are and share the blessings and insights with the world, walking in right relation, Gratitude, appreciation and Celebration of Life.

I’m honored and grateful to be part of this very special moment and help making this world a better place for us and those yet to come.


Let's Work Together

If you want to know more about what I do and would like us to work together, book a consultation call or fill up the contact form below.

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