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Microdosing initiation sessions, follow-up and journeys designed to support you receiving the most out of your microdosing journey for mental health, Well-Being & Well-Living.


Free Resources

Here are some gifts from my heart


A comprehensive guide

I compiled this guide with the intention to provide the fundamental information to get you started in your microdosing for mental health and well being journey. Is designed to answer most of your curiosities and questions around microdosing, and set the foundations to further your personal research.

In this guide I share a practice I developed and use to connect with this Medicine every time I sit to connect with Cacao.

Simple, concise and enhances the experience of connecting with these powerful medicine in so many ways.


Let's Work Together

If you want to know more about what I do and how it can support you, book a consultation call below or contact me via email.

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