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My offerings

These are my offerings and the ways I feel called to serve and support you in your journey.


Cacao & Sacred Fire

For special moments in time and space like New & Full Moon, Solstices & Equinoxes, as well for Private events, retreats, trainings and festivals.

Sessions are unique & individually tailored, depending on where you are at, what’s present at the moment, what brings you into this Sacred Space and your intentions for it. We'll work around an Altar set up for your particular needs, working with offerings, Cacao, prayer, medicine music and other tools and resources specific to your intentions.


If you’re exploring the possibility of taking part of a plant medicine ceremony of any kind, I offer both pre and post ceremony support sessions to help you prepare for your ceremony and also the integration of it.


Begin or deepen your connection with Cacao as an ally, guide and companion in your life.


Altar Alchemy

Learn how to create Sacred and Ceremonial space for your personal use and integrating more of this into your life.

A 7-week integration program designed to support the integration of transformational experiences and come through the other side with a renewed sense of appreciation for Life, Love and Being and move forward in an empowered and integrated way.


Let's Work Together

If you want to know more about any of these offerings and work together, book a consultation call below or contact me via email.

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