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Plant Medicine Preparation &
Post Ceremony Integration Support

Plant medicine journeys and ceremonies are a profound and powerful tool for healing and bring a unique opportunity for personal development & Self-actualization in all areas of life.


When considering undertaking a plant medicine journey whether for personal development or focused healing on a specific area in your life or personal struggle, having a clear intention and prepare accordingly internally & externally it’s a crucial element of the process.


Similarly, having a dedicated space for integration of your experience afterwards it’s essential for bringing the realizations into your daily life.


Integration is as important as the ceremony itself, it is where the insights and realizations of the experience are translated into life and where embodied change can happen. It supports and reinforces new healthy brain pathways and neural networks through committed intentions and practical actions and it is through a proper integration process where we can deepen our experience of the Sacred and what happened in Ceremony translating it into embodied change and long lasting positive transformation in our everyday life.

Regardless of the nature of your Plant Medicine experience, the integration process is essential. Both blissful and challenging experiences require integration to harness the insights and bring them to our daily lives, as well to support arriving to a space of grounding and making sense of the experience. 

If you’re exploring the possibility of taking part of a plant medicine ceremony of any kind or have participated in one already, I offer both pre and post ceremony support sessions to help you prepare for your ceremony and also the integration of it.


Plant Medicines


Since ancient times humans have used Sacred Plants (like Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro, Tobacco, Cacao or Mushrooms -Ndí Xijtho in Mazatec culture or Teonanacatl for Aztec/Mixtec people) as guides and teachers, in ceremonial and ritual ways and technologies as powerful allies for the betterment and well being of the mind, heart and soul, for connecting with the Divine, for healing, bringing the community together, gain insight and inspiration and remember who we are and our role in this Earth among many other purposes.

These plants are here to help us remember who we are and how to live a life of alignment, integrity, gratitude, appreciation and harmony, within ourselves, with our surroundings and everyone around us.

They teach us how to live and make the most out of this unique experience we have that living is.


In modern times, as the exposure to these Plant Teachers and Sacred Ways grows and disseminates around the globe far from their cultures of origins, having an appropriate and respectful way to approach both the preparation and the integration following after ceremony is essential to ensure the best results and minimize the risks of potentially traumatic undesirable experiences.


"Integration is as important as the ceremony itself, it is where the insights and realizations of the experience are translated into life and where embodied change can happen. It supports and reinforces new healthy brain pathways and neural networks through committed intentions and practical actions and where we can deepen our experience of the Sacred in the everyday life"


When choosing to partake in a Plant Medicine Ceremony, it is of the upmost importance to do so with clear intentions and well prepared, that way we can maximize the benefits of the experience and gather the most out of it, while being prepared accordingly to what might present itself and come into the Sacred Space in an empowered and grounded way.

These sessions can support you to:

- Get clear on your intentions.

- Prepare yourself internally and externally accordingly for it.

- Enter into the space in the best way possible to make the most out of your experience.

- Learn practices and resources that can help you during your experience.



Integrations is an essential part of working with Plant Medicines. It is the part of the process that allows embodied change to happen, by gathering the insights, gifts, revelations and realizations from the experience, unpack the material that presented itself and emerged during the ceremony and let it all translate into your daily life.

These sessions are for:


- Integrating the realizations of your journey.

- Gaining perspective and more insight about your experience.

- Feel held during the afterglow and flow of your Ceremony.

- Having a space to explore the content of your experience.

- Finding the best ways to bring the realizations into your daily life.

- Maximizing the outcomes of the Ceremony.

- Having a follow-up support after Ceremony.

- Back the work that's been done during the Ceremony with ongoing support

"The deep psychological and spiritual dynamics potentially brought to our awareness during ceremony require guidance, both before and after, for their full integration. Even participants who have lovely experiences may not derive the complete benefit without some guidance and help with interpretation” Dr. Gabor Maté

In these sessions, I’ll be holding a sacred loving present space for you and provide guidance and assistance as required coming from my experience of journeying and exploring with Plant Medicines and entheogens in solo and group settings, as a participant, facilitator, assistant and support person.


We’ll use somatic & embodied approaches, self-reflection, contemplation and meditation, reflective and empathic communication, music & sound, sacred space & ceremony, ritual & prayer, among other resources and practices to support you the best, adapted both pre and post ceremony experiences and your personal needs and requirements so you can access the wisdom of your inner guidance and what the Plant Medicine Ceremony or Journey has available or has revealed for you.



1hr long sessions - Online via zoom or In Person (when possible)


I offer my sessions on an income-based sliding scale model.

I see Education, Self-Actualization and Wellbeing as a basic human need, that we all have the right to access it regardless of our financial situation.

Inspired by the Spirit and wisdom of Sacred Reciprocity, known as Ayni in the Andean Tradition, inclusivity, accessibility & fair exchange, I feel that offering an income-based sliding scale is the most aligned way to provide access to everyone, in a way that's honoring all parts involved.

In the same Spirit of Sacred Reciprocity, a percentage of your investment is directed to support different communities and projects I'm connected to like elders of the Tz'utujil community in Guatemala, The Yawanawa in Brazil, and Bumi Sehat Foundation in Bali.



1 Session - 100usd – 200usd sliding scale

3 sessions package: 250usd – 550usd sliding scale

(Session packages are great if you're looking for pre & post ceremony + Follow up after a month from the ceremony for further guidance and integration)

Contributions on the higher end of the scale allows me to open up spaces for scholarships and pro-bono sessions for those in financial challenge.


0% interest payment plans for a package of sessions are available, If you're needing support whether before or after ceremony and experiencing financial struggle at the moment.

To find out where you fit in the scale,

check out my quick guide to the sliding scale model to find out.


“In am deeply grateful for the experience. Juan created a space, where all emotions were welcomed and I could relax into my fears. I could see them transform and soon felt safe and supported.

I had never experienced this before and shifted into a completely new level of self love and appreciation. Thank you Juan for your dedication and this work that really moved me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level”


For more information and questions, I invite you to book a free consultation call or email me through the contact form below.

I Look forward to meeting you in this space and I'd be honored to support you on your journey.

Thanks for your courage to blossom into your full expression of being!


Let's Work Together

If you want to know more about what I do and how it can support you, book a consultation call below or contact me via email.

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“Plant medicines are a blessing, they are symbiotic partners with our species and catalysts for the evolution of consciousness. They have brought many people to the realization that our fundamental challenge is to reforge a partnership with Nature

Dennis McKenna

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