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One-on-one Sessions

I see sessions as a Sacred Temple Space which I create from the foundations and pillars of:


Loving Presence









Deep Listening




Sessions are unique & individually tailored, depending on where you are at, what’s present at the moment, what brings you into this Sacred Space and your intentions for it.


Our consultation call is our first meeting point and step towards finding the best way to support you. It gives us the opportunity to connect, get to know one another, see how I can support you the best and discover how that can look like.

Sessions can be beneficial for:

Finding clarity on a specific issue or current challenge

Clear your field from stagnation

Letting go and creating space for new beginnings

Empower yourself in your journey

Learn and discover ways to serve better and in right relation


Sessions are 75’ long and can take place in person or online.


A session typically involves an introduction and grounding moment, to be in full presence in the space, and set the sacred container together that will hold whatever needs to unfold and happen over the course of the session.

We are held by a ceremonial container, the blessings of Cacao, offerings and prayers, as we move towards deeper layers of what’s present using different resources that will help move through, navigate and find clarity about the issue/challenge/struggle/situation/intention at hand. Along the way I’ll be checking-in with you about what’s present, how are you feeling and the session will unfold according to what’s true and real, and following a pace that feels great for you; redirecting, pausing and fine tuning as we go along.

We’ll come to completion with a moment of reflection to gather the gifts from the session as we close the container.

At the end, I may provide extra guidance, resources, practices and “homeplay” to explore after the session as you continue to move forward that will help the process of making the most out of our time working together.

In the time between sessions, I’m available for extra support if needed via WhatsApp and email.

If you are curious to know more, I invite you to book a consultation call and we can find out the best way to support you in this time.


1 session: 100usd - 300usd

4 sessions package: 350usd - 1000usd

I offer my sessions on an income-based sliding scale model.

To find out where you fit in the scale, check out my quick guide to the sliding scale model to find out.

I see Education and self-actualization as a basic human need, that we all have the right to access it regardless of our financial situation.

Inspired by the Spirit and wisdom of Sacred Reciprocity, known as Ayni in the Andean Tradition, inclusivity, accessibility & fair exchange, I feel that offering an income-based sliding scale is the most aligned way to provide access to everyone, in a way that's honoring all parts involved.

In the same Spirit of Sacred Reciprocity, a percentage of your investment is directed to support different communities and projects I'm connected to like elders of the Tz'utujil community in Guatemala, The Yawanawa in Brazil, and Bumi Sehat Foundation in Bali.

Contributions on the higher end of the scale helps those that are in a financial challenge to join and allows me to open up spaces for scholarships and pro-bono sessions.


0% interest payment plans for a package of sessions are available.

Discount available for packages paid upfront and in full.

Unless we had agreed on something else, sessions are paid upfront and in full.

Your place is confirmed once payment is completed.

There's no refunds for the sessions.

Re-scheduling is possible at least 24hrs prior to the agreed time.


“In am deeply grateful for the experience. Juan created a space, where all emotions were welcomed and I could relax into my fears. I could see them transform and soon felt safe and supported.

I had never experienced this before and shifted into a completely new level of self love and appreciation. Thank you Juan for your dedication and this work that really moved me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level”



Let's Work Together

If you want to know more about what I do and how it can support you, book a consultation call below or contact me via email.

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