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Microdosing for Mental Health
& Well-Being Guide

A comprehensive guide to begin your microdosing journey

I decided to write this guide to support those of you interested in working with Plant Medicines to have a foundation to begin a microdosing practice (whether solo or with the guidance of a Microdosing Coach or Therapist) providing as much information as possible around working with these plants in a way that’s safe, informed, respectful, honoring and responsible.

In this guide you will find

And much more.

This is designed to answer most of your curiosities and questions around microdosing, and set the foundations to further your personal research.

I highly encourage you to dive deeper and find more information that it's specific to your needs and requirements. If you're not sure where to look, feel free to contact me for more information or have a look at my

Microdosing Sessions and Microdosing Journey Program


“Psychedelics and Plant Medicines, used responsibly and with proper caution, can be for psychiatry & Psychology what the microscope is to the study of biology and medicine or the telescope for astronomy”

Stanislav Grof

We are in a “psychedelic renaissance” witnessing a rapid expansion of psychedelic assisted therapies and a growing awareness in the scientific field of the potential that psychedelics and entheogens have for healing.

In this context, Microdosing is presenting itself to be the next leap in the evolution of mental health therapies and well-being in general.

I have no doubt about that Plant medicines are to mental health, well being, and the fields of psychiatry and psychology what the telescope was for astronomy or the microscope for biology and medicine.

I experienced it myself, having worked with Plant medicines as allies in different ways, helping me to shift and overcome depression, CPTSD, anxiety, burnout and addiction, improving my quality of life and being amazing teachers and guides in ways beyond what I can describe with words.


It is my personal experience that moves me into making this Microdosing Guide, with the intention to compile the basic information that will help you get started on your microdosing journey.

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“Plant medicines are a blessing, they are symbiotic partners with our species and catalysts for the evolution of consciousness. They have brought many people to the realization that our fundamental challenge is to reforge a partnership with Nature

Dennis McKenna

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The information provided here is solely for informational and educational purposes and it’s not intended as, and shall not be understood, substituted, or taken as professional medical advice or treatment.


Always exercise caution, use harm-reduction, be ethical, and do your own research. If you choose to microdose plant medicines or psychedelics you’re doing it under your own free will and taking full responsibility for the nature of your experience.


Finally, this Guide does not encourage nor advise on the illegal use of any substances.

I highly encourage to do your own research and take proper action to be informed before you begin working with Plant medicines.

And remember, Plant Medicines are Wise and powerful Beings, please approach them with the utmost respect and humility. If you are considering working with Plant Medicines, prioritize your preparation before and the integration after.

Read my full disclaimer HERE


“What's important is the intention behind what we do, why we are doing it and honoring the Spirit of the Plant

Nana Marina Cruz - Mayan Elder

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