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Microdosing Coaching

Microdosing Plant Medicines for mental health, well-being and well-living

Microdosing Plant Medicines & Psychedelics is revealing itself to be the next leap in the evolution of mental health therapies and well-being.


I see micro-dosing as a revolution in the field of mental health, and a bridge between the ancient and traditional ways of working with Sacred Plant Medicines and the modern approaches towards healing, both in conventional, alternative & complementary therapeutic modalities.


Microdosing and the use of very small doses of plant medicines is not something entirely new: cultures of all around the world use their Sacred Medicines in smaller doses than their usual ceremonial and healing doses to assist their daily life, tasks and the well-being of their community[1]

In my personal experience, coming from a long record of overcoming mental health adversities, microdosing plant medicines following a scheduled protocol to support mental & emotional health challenges has radically made a difference in breaking through those challenges with amazing and very impressive results. Simple, effective, easy to integrate and more so, long lasting. I feel microdosing is a powerful way to receive the blessings this Master Plants have to support us in our journey of life.


These Master Plants are here to remind us who we are, to teach us how to live in harmony in ways that are honoring to our uniqueness and in synergy and collaboration with everything around us, surroundings, nature and beyond. They're here to help us remember and teach us how to live well, be well and walk in beauty.


Microdosing Plant Medicines ultimately awakens a sense of deeper connection and appreciation for life and everything that’s part of it, bringing us home within and create and live our lives from that space, walking, living and being in beauty, gratitude, appreciation, meaningfully and purposefully.


Microdosing is basically the intake of a sub-perceptual dose, 1/10 – 1/20 of  the active dose used for therapeutic, ceremonial or recreational purposes.

A true microdose is low enough to not feel any sensorial disturbance or any of the usual effects attributed to psychedelic compounds and plant medicines at high or "lift-off" doses, yet high enough to experience the subtle yet noticeable presence of the medicine and still allowing you to continue with your usual daily life. To put it simply: If you're "tripping" you're not microdosing.

To really allow the benefits of microdosing to reveal themselves and be integrated, a microdosing cycle usually it’s done in periods of 1 to 3 months with a resting time in between cycles, scheduled accordingly following one of the many available, suggested and safe protocols to work with these medicines.

Microdosing it’s a gentle, safe, easy to integrate and profound way to connect with Plant Medicines and receive their gifts, blessings and benefits.


Experiential and testimonial reports from thousands of people are

revealing it to be great for[2][3][4]:


Alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression

Aid in the reparation and the recovery process of traumatic exeriences

Reduce rumination

Shifting thought patterns

Bring mental clarity

Open up perspective when experiencing challenges

Improving life quality in general

Boost creativity and motivation

Facilitate an easier access to “flow-states”

Improve social and interpersonal engagement

Equalize, harmonize and balance body-heart-mind-spirit

And more...

As psychedelic research grows, there are more and more accounts and clinical trials backing up these experiences and benefits and revealing even more of the potentiality and actual capacity these plants have to improve mental health and well-being in general.[5][6][7]

We are witnessing a "psychedelic renaissance" happening [8], and psychedelic assisted therapies and healing modalities are bursting al over the globe, just like mushrooms and seedlings, popping up with the vibrancy of new life, new beginnings and possibilities.

As time goes by, clinical trials with psychedelics and plant medicines progress with positive and very promising results[9][10], and the account of thousands of people’s experience [2][3] grow speaking about how positively this way of working with Sacred medicines has impacted their lives, it becomes more obvious and evident how Plant Medicines and their compounds are, paraphrasing Stanislav Grof (the creator of Transpersonal Psychology), to mental health and wellbeing what the telescope was for astronomy or the microscope to biology and medicine: a complete game changer and revolution.

I am 100% certain about that.

I Believe, trust and know to the core of my being, that Plant Medicine assisted therapies and integrating Plant Medicines into our lives is the next revolution in Mental health and well-being.

I experienced it myself, having worked with Plant Medicines as allies in different ways, helping me to shift and overcome depression, C-PTSD, anxiety, burnout and addiction, improving my quality of life and being amazing teachers and guides in ways beyond what I can describe with words.

Similarly, thousands of people report having radically shifted and overcome treatment resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, C-PTSD, OCD, addiction, among many other mental health conditions and challenges.[15]


This is also backed by a growing number of clinical trials and studies that have explored and are currently exploring the potential and actual capacity of these medicines to be the next evolution of mental health treatments [7][11][12][13][14][15]

And alongside this, there are thousands of years of use of Plant Medicines from different cultures with unique and specific ways to work with them, while all of them sharing the importance these medicines have in the well-being and health of both the individual and the community at large.

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"Psychedelics and Plant medicines are to mental health and well being what the telescope was for astronomy or the microscope for biology:

A complete revolution"


As powerful as these medicines can be, this is not a “one-size fits-all” solution nor it’s intended to be a "quick fix"; every individual has a unique way in which these medicines can support in the best way.

In my experience and perspective, these medicines are holistic in their essence, and the best results can be achieved when approaching them following a method that matches that nature of Plant Medicines; following a clear and well defined protocol that includes all aspects of human experience: Body - Heart - Mind & Spirit.

Plant Medicines are the keys that unlock the doors. It is up to us to cross the threshold and discover what's possible and already available for us, so lovingly given by Mother Earth.


When working with these medicines for mental health & Well-being, having an appropriate process of preparation before and integration during & after completion of our journey, it's essential to ensure receiving the most out the microdosing protocol, creating the fertile grounds for receiving & anchoring what these Sacred Plants have for us, and allow space for embodied change to happen, translating the realizations into everyday life.

Microdosing Plant Medicines has the potential to be of incredible assistance for Well-Being & Well-Living, improving our quality of life, and it's important to approach it responsibly, informed and with clear intentions to receive the most out of it.

That’s when what I do comes into the scene, to support you find the best way to begin your microdosing protocol, gather the insights you’re receiving and integrate them into your life in practical and down to earth ways.

I'm there to accompany you in finding the best way to start your journey and as the path unfolds and support the integration of the process; present to offer support in navigating challenging bits that may arise and celebrate the realizations and grounding it in embodied change that can be felt and seen in your daily life and that continues to grow beyond our time working together.


 The space I hold for you is intended to facilitate your journey, giving you fundamental information to get started in an empowered and informed way for you to make the most out of your microdosing journey, help you to find the stepping stones that will guide along the way and  provide resources that will allow you to move towards accomplishing your intentions for microdosing.

Plant Medicines bring clarity and, as guides and teachers they are, they show us the way, but it is our commitment and willingness to make the steps required to integrate and embody all that which they show and reveal to us that plays a big part in the process.

If you’re completely new to these kinds of medicines and feel this is something that you’d like to explore and that can support you in some way, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure it all out by yourself (what medicine suits best, how much, how often, when, when not, how it can help, frequency, appropriate way to follow a protocol, which one suits best, etc.) and find the best approach that will work for you.

Also, having external support along the way as things unfold based on your intentions for microdosing and where you’re at in your life can be very helpful and it can be what makes a difference in being able to gather all the insights from the experience and integrate them into life.


Even if you are experienced with these medicines, having support as you go into a microdosing protocol and the integration of what’s unfolding makes a big difference to experience the best results of the process. This is specially true if you struggle following through and sticking to a protocol process; having someone walking alongside can be very beneficial along the way.


In my experience, having explored microdosing both in sporadic and spontaneous ways and following a consistent schedule and being committed to it, I can notice the radical difference in the outcomes of the process related to my intentions to start a protocol and the long lasting improvement on several areas in my life.

With an spontaneous and unscheduled approach, I got some results with it and felt the medicine helping me, yet it was only when I followed and committed to a protocol over a period of time and was very dedicated to it and my process that I got the most lasting and profound effects.


"Plant Medicines are called teachers by the ancient traditions for a reason: They're here to remind us who we are and teach us how to live in alignment and harmony with all that is"



My personal approach to microdosing is based on working with Plant Medicines in their natural form (not synthetic compounds), and informed by my own experience of working with these medicines in different ways and settings and how they have supported me along my own life's journey.

Although Microdosing can also be explored with isolated, naturally extracted or synthesized forms of the compounds that are part of Plant Medicines (as well as other psychedelic substances), I feel and know by experience that it is in their original form that they can deliver the best results.

Plant medicines are a consciousness and a living being that deserves to be honored and respected, and it is through their natural form and wholesome essence that we can receive all the support they have for our body-heart-mind & Spirit alike. Consider the possibility, that these plants carry a Spirit, a Consciousness, that it's part of Mother Earth, and are here ready to support you, listen to you and help you be who you are here to be.

Plant medicines are called "Teachers" by the ancient traditions and people for a reason: they're here to remind us who we are and teach us how to live in alignment and harmony with all that is.

The space I offer and create for you it's aimed to provide a starting point, a "Microdosing Launchpad". It is intended to facilitate your journey, giving you fundamental information and resources to get started in an empowered and informed way for you to make the most out of your microdosing journey, helping you to find the stepping stones that will guide you to accomplish your intentions for microdosing.

Before starting to work together, I like to connect first to get to know each other and find out how can I support you the best based on where you’re at in your life and your motivations & intentions to start a microdosing journey.

We will have a consultation call to connect, give you space to share what’s present for you and why you want to start microdosing, find out the best approach to support you, and if it feels like a resonant yes for both we’ll arrange everything to begin the journey. I'm honored and grateful for meeting you in such a space.

During the time working together I can help you to...

Find the best way to approach your microdosing protocol for your intentions.

Discover how to work with these medicines that fits and meets your unique body-mind-heart constitution.

Facilitate the process of fine tuning your protocol along the way.

Reinforce and support your commitment to your journey.

Save months of experimentation.

Expand your set of resources, tools and practices for personal resiliency.

Work through the material that emerges over the course of your microdosing journey.

Integrate the insights and realizations of the journey into your daily life.

Set the foundations for embodied change to take place.

Receive the most out of your microdosing experience.

Ground and integrate healthy lifestyle habits with a long lasting and ongoing positive impact in your life.

Arrive to a deeper sense of home within yourself.

Discover and awaken a sense of clarity, aliveness, presence, expansion, purposefulness and connection.


Who I work with...

I love working with people that:

Want to improve their mental health and well-being in general.

Want to experience a felt sense of home in their bodies and Being.

Want to feel purposeful and living in alignment with their truth and essence.

Want to overcome depression and anxiety.

Want to heal and recover from trauma.

Want to overcome addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

Want to gain a deeper understanding of the Heart-Body-Mind-Spirit connection

Want to initiate and expand their connection with Mother Earth and Spirit

Want to integrate Plant Medicine & Nature's wisdom into their daily lives.

Want to feel more alive, inspired, creative and translate that into their lives.

Want to experience embodied change and a better quality of life.

Want to feel more connected with themselves, others and their surroundings.

Want to break through a life challenging situation.

Want to integrate transformational and peak experiences.

Want to bring radical change for the betterment of their lives & Earth.

Want to create new ways of being on Earth.

Want to be who they came here to be.




This session is designed to get you right on track for starting your microdosing protocol. Consider this your "Microdosing launchpad" created to provide you with all the information needed to get started + resources and stepping stones to help you on your journey.


In this 1hr session we’ll explore:


*Personal Assessment: Where you’re at and your motivations to start microdosing 

*What microdosing is and it’s not

*How to approach a microdosing protocol

*Microdosing protocols and which one might suit best for you

*Microdosing scheduling & dosage

*Contraindications of microdosing

*Microdosing plant medicines: which ones and how to do it

*Plant medicines: Their background and Appropriate way to use them

*Intention setting

*Creating your personal microdosing ceremony

*Tracking your process

*Supportive practices to make the most out of your microdosing experience

*Somatic wisdom: awakening and embodying your inner teacher

*Anchor points for supporting your journey

*Protocol completion and integration.


100usd - 300usd on a income based sliding scale model.

More about the sliding scale model I use and how to find where you are in the scale HERE




These sessions are an suitable for you if you're already following a microdosing protocol and are a great to help you track your process and fine tune as required in moving forward.

They also provide a space for you to integrate what’s emerging and find perspective, more clarity from the insights, and receive further guidance to make the most out of your experience as you continue.

On these sessions I’ll be holding a space of loving presence and permission for you to share what’s unfolding, your realizations, challenges, shifts, insights and all that’s presenting itself along your microdosing journey.

I’ll also be offering perspective, reflections and further support and guidance as needed, to help you integrate your realizations and experiences, sharing other resources and practices that will support your process along the way.


100usd - 300usd on a income based sliding scale model.

More about the sliding scale model I use and how to find where you are in the scale HERE


This is a solid container to support your journey of microdosing for Well-being & Well-Living.

It begins with a Consultation Call to connect, get to know one another, talk about your motivations and intentions to begin a microdosing protocol, discover the best way it can support you and find out if we are a fit for one another.



After the initial consultation, having agreed on the best way to work together, we move towards a Microdosing Initiation Session to give you all the information necessary to begin your microdosing journey, and set the foundations that will help you make the most out of your process.


The journey continues with weekly sessions, designed to ground, integrate and embody the realizations you're experiences as well as assist further on the development of your process and your intentions exploring different themes and topics and providing you resources and tools for embodied change to happen.


During our time working together I will be holding a space of loving presence, permission and authenticity, welcoming you in the fulness of where you are and who you are, providing support through different resources, practices and tools that will help in making the most out of your microdosing journey.


We will work together for a minimum of 1 month, depending on where you’re at and your intentions to start microdosing.

Why 1 month minimum?

Embodied change takes time, working together over a period of time brings into the space the potency of a clear container that allows you to feel held along the way and gives you space to integrate things as the protocol and your process unfolds.

As your guide, this way of working together allows me to support you in the best of my capacity, being available for you as required along the way and be a pillar and accountability resource for you to make the most out of your experience and really embody and integrate the insights and realizations of this time into your life in down to earth ways.

If you're new to these plants and/or want to use microdosing to support you in a specific way I highly recommend you considering going into a minimum 1 month microdosing journey to make the most out of your experience and have support along the way. Consistency is essential in order to experience the best results of working with these medicines in this way.

It's worth clarifying that this container is not meant to replace therapy or medical treatment, however it can be very therapeutic. It is a powerful space of loving and meeting yourself, that can support you in making meaningful changes and improve your quality of living, as well as synergize with any other healing modality, whether conventional or alternative, that you are working with towards your well-being and healing.


What you receive:

Weekly 60-90min sessions via zoom.

Ongoing email and text messaging support as required (answering within 24hrs).

1 bonus check in and integration session after the completion of our time working together.

+++ More that comes from what's unfolding and it's uniquely for you.

You will receive tons of value from our time working together and lots of resources that are life-long, down to earth, and will keep getting better as you move forward.


You want to start microdosing but don’t know how to do it,

You want to microdose to break through and overcome a mental and/or emotional health and wellbeing challenge you're facing,

You want to develop and ground in a felt sense of home within your Body, Heart and Being,

You want to microdose for overcoming depression, anxiety, addiction or imprints from traumatic experiences,

You want to dial in a solid microdosing experience for the best results,

You’re taking your first steps into plant medicines and are unfamiliar with them,


You’re considering microdosing plant medicines can support you at this time,


You’d like to have a external support person to start your journey,


You want a dedicated regular check-in space during you microdosing protocol,

You microdosed in the past yet feel like not having gotten the most out of it

You want to have long lasting results from your experience & embodied change,

You want to have a down to earth approach to working with Plant Medicines,


I offer my sessions on an income-based sliding scale model. 

Inspired by the Spirit and wisdom of Sacred Reciprocity, known as Ayni in the Andean Tradition, inclusivity, accessibility & fair exchange, I feel that an income-based sliding scale is the most aligned way to provide access to everyone, in a way that's honoring for all parts involved and the value of this offering.​

Find out more about this Sliding Scale model I use in my quick guide to the sliding scale model


0% interest payment plans are available.

If you're undergoing financial hardship at the moment and feel a strong call to this work, please contact me to have a conversation and find a payment plan that works and feels great for both.

Contributions on the higher end of the scale helps those that are in a financial challenge to afford this program and allows me to open up spaces for scholarships and pro-bono sessions.

It is a powerful way to take part in your own process while also supporting the larger community.

​​In the same Spirit of Sacred Reciprocity, a percentage of your investment is directed to support different communities and projects I'm connected to like elders of the Tz'utujil community in Guatemala, The Yawanawa in Brazil, and Bumi Sehat Foundation in Bali.

If you want to know more about what's the best approach for you or you're still not sure if this is for you please reach or book a consultation call.

*Payment, Refund and Re-scheduling Policy: Sessions are confirmed once payment is cleared. 

Unless we had agreed on something else, sessions are paid upfront and in full.

There are no refunds for the session(s). 24hrs notice for cancellations and rescheduling is needed. 



Microdosing for Mental Health
& Well-Being Guide

A comprehensive guide to begin your microdosing journey

I decided to write this guide to support those of you interested in working with Plant Medicines to have a foundation to begin a microdosing practice (whether solo or with the guidance of a Microdosing Coach or Therapist) providing as much information as possible around working with these plants in a way that’s safe, informed, respectful, honoring and responsible.

This is designed to answer most of your curiosities and questions around microdosing, and set the foundations to further your personal research.

I highly encourage you to dive deeper and find more information that it's specific to your needs and requirements.


And if you feel you'd like extra support, I invite you to book a Microdosing Initiation Session


“In am deeply grateful for the experience. Juan created a space, where all emotions were welcomed and I could relax into my fears. I could see them transform and soon felt safe and supported.

I had never experienced this before and shifted into a completely new level of self love and appreciation. Thank you Juan for your dedication and this work that really moved me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level”



References & further resources for your research

Here are further resources and cites that provide more information for you. I highly encourage you to do your own research and gather as many perspectives you feel necessary in exploring this fascinating, ancient yet in some ways quite new and uncharted territory.

1. Schultes RE, Hofmann A. Plants of the gods: their sacred, healing, and hallucinogenic powers. Rochester, NY: Healing Arts Press; 1979;

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15. A systematic study of microdosing psychedelics - Vince Polito, R ichard J. Stevenson; February 6, 2019;


Please Note:


All the information I present here and in the space of sessions it’s solely for educational and informational purposes only. They are not intended as, and shall not be understood, substituted, or taken as professional medical advice or treatment.

The application of the information provided on sessions or this website is at the reader’s discretion and is her or his sole responsibility.

As a plant medicine advocate, the information I provide comes from my own research and from my personal experience on working with these plants for mental health and well-being in different formats and approaches, after having done my research and evaluating risks and benefits.


I am not a doctor, and the information I present and share about plant medicines and their use is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Although anecdotal reports, evidence from clinical studies and the advancement of clinical trials suggest these compounds are safe and have huge potential to improve several health conditions, everyone is different, therefore always do your own research to make an informed, conscious and responsible decision on whether this is for your or not.

If you’re considering working with these plants and compounds for treating an acute, chronic or serious health condition that you’re currently under treatment for, it is recommended to seek the advice of your physician, psychiatrist, therapist on this matter.

If you're choosing to microdose for trauma healing or mental health challenges, I highly suggest you do so with the support of a Trauma-Informed Microdosing Coach or qualified Therapist that can help you move through the challenges and integrate the experience as they arise. Remember that microdosing & Plant Medicines are not a quick fix and in this specific cases having someone to work with it's a crucial part of the recovery and reparation process.

Working with Plant Medicines can be a supportive therapy to work in synergy with your current treatment or it might not be compatible at all. There serious contraindications with various health conditions and pharmaceutical medications.


Given the need for further research on how psychedelic compounds work over long periods of time, always exercise caution, use harm-reduction and do your own research in all aspects of using these compounds and plants around safety, contraindications, risks, benefits and legality in your country.


If you choose to microdose or consume psychedelics/plant medicines, you are choosing to do so as a personal choice, from your own free will, and are taking full responsibility for your choices and experience.

And remember, these plant medicines are wise and powerful beings, please approach them with the utmost respect and humility. If you are considering working with plant medicines, prioritize your preparation before and the integration after.

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