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Microdosing Launchpad

4-week Beta Group coaching program

Microdosing Plant Medicines for Mental Health,

Well-Being and Well-Living: From Survival to Thriving.

This is a beta microdosing group coaching program that I’m putting together with the intention to provide you with a solid container to get your microdosing journey started in the most aligned way based on your intentions, motivations, desired outcomes and where you’re at in this moment.


My highest wish for this program is for it to be a safe container that provides the basics and beyond, to start a microdosing protocol in an informed, responsible and empowered way as you choose to take the next step in your personal journey of self-development, well-being and well-Living, connecting with these powerful Plant Teachers in a space that honors the plants and its origins and your needs, motivations and intentions for this exploration.


Why a beta group?

I decided to launch a beta test run of something I’ve been crafting for a while to refine it in action and receive your feedback in order to refine, fine tune, polish and improve what’s there and in the future extend it to more people.


We are in an important time amidst the so called “psychedelic renaissance” and the more of us we are well informed and educated about responsible, mindful, respectful and honoring ways to work with these powerful Plant Teachers the better it is.


Your feedback and reflections from participating will help make it even better!

Joining a beta group has many benefits:

You can access the same contents that I provide in my private 1:1 sessions on a lower rate.

You are part of a group of people sharing similar interests and motivations that support propelling your experience forward, diving deeper and rising higher.

You are serving your own healing and personal development and also in support of others that are showing up in a similar way for you.

You are benefitting future participants of the same program with your pioneering Spirit.

You will be able to access to special gifts and discounts for future offerings and 1:1 sessions.

I'm excited to be creating this space for growth and embodied change, and I welcome you to join this unique container.

And much more.

What we'll explore

And much more that's unique to the group constellation and your presence.



🌟 Small group: Max. 8 participants

🌟 4x 90min Live group zoom calls on a weekly basis (with recordings available for lifetime access)

🌟 Worksheets, supportive material and resources to support your microdosing journey

🌟 Signal/Telegram Group chat with extra resources and check-ins

🌟 Private Community group on a dedicated platform

🌟 My personal availability for specific Q+A’s (reply within 24hrs)


🌟 1x EXTRA 30’ private 1:1 session (to be used within 90 days from completion of the program)

🌟 1x BONUS Group Integration call after completion

(2 to 4 weeks after)

We’ll meet weekly on a live call over a month to explore different topics and go through the fundamentals and all the info you need to begin a microdosing journey and make the most out of it as you cruise along the way.

You’re not expected to start microdosing during the program.

This program will help you get started if you’re considering to start microdosing, and if you do choose to being microdosing during the program, we will have dedicated spaces within our sessions to speak about the process and offer specific guidance to each of your unique experiences.

We will also have a BONUS Integration call after the completion of the program to support you further where needed.

For the care and integrity of the container this is limited to a small amount of people of max 6 participants.

My highest wish is to be able to support everyone participating in the best way and to the best of my capacity.

We’ll have a consultation call upon registration to have a check-in, get to know each other, go over through the practical information, hear a bit more about your motivations and where you’re at in your life at this moment and see if this program is a fit for you.

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“Plant medicines are a blessing, they are symbiotic partners with our species and catalysts for the evolution of consciousness. They have brought many people to the realization that our fundamental challenge is to reforge a partnership with Nature

Dennis McKenna


This is the first iteration of this container and for that reason your participation is a blessing to the creation of it and also future iteration.

For this first Beta iteration, I’ll be offering this on a discounted rate.

Future editions prices will be higher.



Paid upfront in one time or 2 installments of 100usd

(1st to be paid before the start and 2nd before the integration session after completion)


You will receive

Access to 4x 90min Live group zoom calls (recordings available 24hrs after the calls for lifetime access)

Worksheets, supportive material and resources for your microdosing protocol

Signal Group chat access with extra resources and check-ins

Private Community group on Mighty networks

My personal availability for specific Q+A’s (reply within 24hrs)


1x EXTRA 30’ 1:1 Private session for extra support if needed

1x BONUS Group Integration call after completion
(2 to 4 weeks after – To be defined by the group needs and constellation)




Special add-on of 2x Follow-up & Integration sessions on top, to support along the way of your personal journey (to be used within 6 months from completion of the program)



For those that identify in great financial restrictions, and with a strong desire to join and are committed to their personal healing and self-development journey there's 1 partial scholarship available. Please email me to inquire about that.

This is a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity to join a super special group to journey with, towards well-being, well-living and becoming more of who you are in a safe container, cultivating fertile connections, community and supporting each other along the way.

I’m super happy to welcome you in this space and support the manifestation of your visions and intentions for the betterment of your life.

The Microdosing Launchpad Group Program Overview

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1st CALL: SATURDAY 30th of April

2nd CALL: SATURDAY 7th of May

3rd CALL: SATURDAY 14th of May

4th CALL: SATURDAY 21st of May

INTEGRATION CALL: Date to be defined (within 2  to 4 weeks from completion)

All calls at 5pm Bali Time

Check the conversion to your time zone here:


What if I can’t join to the live call?

For such a special container, I highly encourage you to do your best to show up for the live call, that’s when the magic is actually happening.


Also you will receive the most out of this experience the more committed to it you are. Ultimately, this space and Plant Medicines are a way shower, however it is your responsibility to take action for embodied change to happen.

However, if that’s not possible, recordings will be made available through our community platform within 24hrs from the call.

If you need more information to make a decision or are not sure if this is for you or not, I invite you to book a free consultation call and we can chat more in real time. Happy to connect and see if this is for you.


Meet your guide
Juan Manuel Burgos

Since 2008 walking the Sacred Path of serving Mother Earth & Spirit and following their call and guidance, in devoted and committed dedication to support us remembering who we are, the healing of what limits our expression and discovering new ways of being with ourselves, our surroundings and one another.


On my journey, I went through a myriad of life initiations and rites of passage, each giving me a gift and a blessing to carry on with renewed appreciation and gratitude for life and taking me to this present moment.

My intention is to support people awaken and attune to their inner guidance, arrive to a felt sense of home within their Heart, bodies, minds and Beings, connect with Spirit and Earth, integrating all parts of themselves and finding their unique way of walking life in beauty, celebration, integrity, alignment, gratitude, joy, Love and right relation with all.

Sign me up!

I want to join the beta program!

Pre-Sign up filling up the form on the link bellow. I will contact you soon with more information about the program and some options to book a consultation call to connect, get to know each other, chat about your motivations to join and see if this program is the right fit for you.

Thanks for your interest in this! I'm happy to welcome and meet you in this space.



The information provided during this program is solely for informational and educational purposes and it’s not intended as, and shall not be understood, substituted, or taken as professional medical advice or treatment.


Always exercise caution, use harm-reduction, be ethical, and do your own research. If you choose to microdose plant medicines or psychedelics you’re doing it under your own free will and taking full responsibility for the nature of your experience.


I highly encourage to do your own research and take proper action to be informed before you begin working with Plant medicines.

And remember, Plant Medicines are Wise and powerful Beings, please approach them with the utmost respect and humility. If you are considering working with Plant Medicines, prioritize your preparation before and the integration after.

Read my full disclaimer HERE

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“Psychedelics and Plant Medicines, used responsibly and with proper caution, can be for psychiatry & Psychology what the microscope is to the study of biology and medicine or the telescope for astronomy”

Stanislav Grof

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