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My approach

I bring together ancient wisdom, modern approaches and alternative healing modalities in a unique shape, coming from different fields and paths that I have explored, experienced and learnt from, that I found supportive for my own healing and growth journey and also for the clients I worked with.


I create a safe and sacred container to welcome what’s alive so it can be seen, held, heard and healed; allowing you to access your Inner Healer & Teacher, arrive to a felt sense of home within your body and moving forward with new found clarity, wholeness and integration.


The keys and pillars

Loving presence


These are the pillars and foundations of the container we’ll crate together to support you.

Each person is a unique being, sessions are individually crafted and they’re also a co-creation with the client. Welcoming, honoring and acknowledging what’s present in the moment and from there finding the best way to work together.


Some of the tools I like using include:

Embodiment and Somatic awareness
Emotional intelligence tools
Psychosomatic exercises
Empathic listening
Powerful questions
Self-Inquiry practices
Meditations and visualizations
Contemplation and mindfulness
Earth, Heart & Spirit based practices
Shamanic healing modalities
Ritual, Prayer and ceremony

Microdosing assisted healing
Plant medicine wisdom - Cacao
Conscious relating education
Sound and Medicine music
Systemic thinking & being
Bodywork & Energy work

My approach has a strong foundation on traditional and alternative healing modalities, integrating modern approaches with a holistic perspective at the core, rooted in the understanding that we, as Human Beings, are more than what meets the eye. We are a Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit-Heart-Energy Being, that it’s a part of all that is, not apart from it, in a reciprocal relationship.


What I do and the spaces I create are also strongly inspired on what I discovered exploring different healing, self-development and self-actualization modalities and bodies of work, as well as informed by direct personal experiences from my healing, recovery and growth journey. There are some things that one cannot simply study, they have to be lived to really grasp their depth and what they really feel and are like.

I draw upon the insights and learning from overcoming my own challenges of being a human, having walked and mapped many aspects of the human experience along the way and learning, discovering, practicing and integrating different resources and tools that helped me shift my reality from the imprisonment of depression, substance abuse, traumatic imprints and the shackles of medicalized, compartmentalized and objectifying conventional approaches to mental wellness, to recovering my agency and choice and being in full charge and direction of my life, feeling free, expanded, inspired, grateful, purposeful, connected and alive, now sharing what I find along the way with the people I work with.

I’m committed to an ongoing process of self-discovery and self-actualization, exploring and learning from new modalities, doing my inner work so I can serve in the best way, and continuously integrating what I find and translating it into my every day life and from that space support others in their journeys.

What I do is a companion, not a quick-fix, designed to fast-track your healing journey while in full honoring of the unique time signature of your healing process, feeling held, heard and welcomed, providing you with resources, skills, tools and a platform to move forward with new found clarity, arrive to a felt sense of home within yourself, being who you are, and live a life of alignment, beauty, joy and feeling grateful for the gift that life is.

My education, background & experience

In my own journey of healing and discovering who I am, I came a long way (and for sure more to be unveiled and remembered!), finding inspiration, support and guidance from many different modalities.

My trainings and certifications include:

Prashant Yoga teacher training
Iyengar yoga Intensives at Prashant Yogashraya & Yoga Study Center 
Permaculture Design Course - Instituto Na'Lu'Um 

Integral Permaculture Design Course - El camino de la Permacultura 

Ecovillage Design Education - Gaia University 
Tantra Massage training - House of Tantra 
Several ISTA L1 & L2 trainings - International School of Temple Arts
Somatic Sexuality Healing - ISTA Practitioners Training Graduate

Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation - AYA Healing Retreats & Atira Tan

And countless different kind of workshops, immersions and retreats in the fields of Permaculture, Tantra, Yoga, Self-Development, Plant medicine, Shamanic work, Ceremony, Conscious Sexuality, Community, Embodiment, Intimacy & Relationships & Trauma Healing,  not only as a participant and student but also as a coordinator, organizer and facilitator as well in most of those areas.

My body of work is a unique blend curated from all the above things which some of them I also facilitate and teach, and especially seasoned with the outcomes of my direct and personal experience of overcoming and healing from complex trauma, addiction, depression, stress & burnout, borderline personality disorder and anxiety; as well as awakenings, life initiations, challenges and rite of passage of all sorts over the last +15 years of life that blessed me up with many realizations in my process of diving deep within, discovering who I am, growing into self-love and bring my gifts to the world.

All these form part of the space I create as a facilitator, space holder and practitioner, and they come together in unique ways each time, as every individual is different and each person deserves equally unique dedication and attention.

My way of working is about creating a Sacred Safe Space anchored in Mother Earth and Spirit where all meets in the Heart, invoking Loving Presence and the healing it brings, where everything is welcomed, there's full permission to feel and we can meet what’s present in the moment with new eyes and find perspective to listen and receive the insight it has, come back home within and move forward in life from that space of alignment, re-attunement and clarity.

My mission is to support people awakening and connecting to their inner guidance, coming home to their heart, feeling at home in their bodies & being, integrating all parts of themselves and finding the joy of living in alignment with their highest truth, realizing their full potential, and walk life in beauty, gratitude, celebration and right relation with all.


Let's Work Together

If you want to know more about what I do and how it can support you, book a consultation call below.

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