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Juan Manuel Burgos

Ceremony Guide & Facilitator

Cacao - Sacred Fire | Medicine Music

Meet Juan Manuel

I’m a ceremonialist, facilitator & medicine musician, passionate about creating spaces for positive transformation, embodied change, remembrance, be at home in our bodies and reconnect with Mother Earth.

I was born and raised in Argentina, Bali is where home is, and I had the blessing to explore the world where I got to learn from different lineages, cultures and bodies of wisdom that inspired me in so many ways.

Through what I share and offer I bring together 13+ years of experience in the fields of self-development, wellness and holistic healing & living, integrating ancient and modern approaches and the wisdom from my own life initiations and journeys.

I’ve been regularly curating and facilitating Cacao & Sacred Fire Ceremonies and diverse Sacred spaces bringing together people from all walks of life for special moments such as Solstices, Equinoxes, Full & New Moon and also holding them for private events, Ceremonial concerts, family events, important moments in life, retreats and trainings to support specific intentions, visions and prayers for each particular occasion.

My wish is that these spaces support us come back home within and celebrate the gift life is and come out ready and inspired to embody more of who we are and share the blessings and insights with the world, walking in right relation, Gratitude, appreciation and Celebration of Life

This field of work speaks to my Heart and it’s very dear to me.

Since 2008 I'm walking the Sacred Path of serving Mother Earth & Spirit and following their call and guidance, in devoted and committed dedication to support us remembering who we are, the healing of what limits our expression and discovering new ways of being with ourselves, our surroundings and one another.


On my journey, I went through a myriad of life initiations and rites of passage, moving through my own personal challenges & limitations, overcoming addiction, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, Borderline Personality Disorder & CPTSD, and traversing transformational experiences of all sorts, each giving me a gift and a blessing to carry on with renewed appreciation and gratitude for life and taking me to this present moment.

I have participated, supported and facilitated in retreats, trainings & immersions in the fields of Shamanic Work, Plant Medicine, Music, Dance, Tantra, Yoga, Permaculture, Intimacy & Relationships, Somatic Healing and Shadow Work to name a few, and I'm continuously learning and expanding into new growing edges.

My intention is to support people awaken and attune to their inner guidance, coming home to their Heart, connect with Spirit and Earth, integrating all parts of themselves and finding their unique way of walking life in beauty, celebration, integrity, alignment, gratitude, joy, Love and right relation with all.


What I can help you with...

My mission is to support people awaken and connect to their inner guidance, coming to a felt sense of home in their bodies and hearts, integrating all parts of themselves and finding the joy of living in alignment with their highest truth and walk life in beauty, gratitude, celebration and right relation with all, creating and experiencing new ways of being within themselves, with others and the environment.

These are some of the areas I can support you with.

Plant Medicine Ceremony

Preparation & Integration

MicroDosing Coaching

Sacred Space & Ceremony

creation and facilitation

Navigating challenging

experiences & "Life initiations"

Personal Resiliency


Intimacy & relationships

These are all areas that I'm familiar and experienced with, as I myself have moved through some of the many ways they can show up in life.


Along the way I found a wide array of practices, resources, experiences and healing modalities that helped me to come the other side feeling renewed, refreshed, alive, with a new sense of appreciation and gratitude for life, completely shifting my reality and freeing myself from the restraints of hopelessness and helplessness, and propelling me into supporting others in their journeys of thriving and experience a better quality of living.


I'm honored and grateful to receive you and support you to reach a state of embodied change, positive transformation and integrative healing to the best of my capacity.

Who I work with...

I love working with people that:

Want to improve their mental health and well-being in general.

Want to experience a felt sense of home in their bodies and Being.
Want to find meaning from Plant Medicine and transformational life experiences and translate it into their every day lives.

Want to feel purposeful and living in alignment with their truth and essence.

Want to overcome depression and anxiety.

Are in their trauma healing and recovering journey.

Want to overcome addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

Want to gain a deeper understanding of the Heart-Body-Mind-Spirit connection.

Want to initiate and expand their connection with Mother Earth and Spirit.

Want to integrate Plant Medicine & Nature's wisdom into their daily lives.

Want to feel more alive, inspired, creative and translate that into their lives.

Are in leading and influencing positions and want to serve in better ways.

Want to experience embodied change and a better quality of life.

Want to feel more connected with themselves, others and their surroundings.

Want to break through a life challenging situation.

Want to integrate transformational and peak experiences.

Want to bring radical change for the betterment of their lives & Earth.

Want to create new ways of being on Earth.

Want to be who they came here to be.

If you want to know more I invite you to book a consultation to connect, get to know each other, welcome your intentions and curiosities and find out how I can support you the best in this time.

My Approach

I bring together ancient wisdom and healing modalities with trauma-informed modern and alternative approaches to healing in a unique shape, blending science & tradition, Body-Heart-Mind & Spirit, that is coming from different fields and paths I have explored, experienced and learnt from, that I found supportive for my own healing and growth journey and also for the clients I worked with.


I create a safe and Sacred Container to welcome what’s alive and present in you and your life so it can be seen, held, heard and healed; allowing you to access your Inner Healer, Teacher and Guide and arriving to a felt sense of home in your body-heart-mind and a space of new found clarity, wholeness and integration and creating the foundations for moving forward in new ways.

I help people navigate challenging life situations & integrate peak and transformational experiences that touched the core of their being, both blissful or challenging, unexpected or chosen, and find perspective, discover their gifts & blessings, coming on the other side with clarity, inspiration, perspective, feeling centered, empowered and bringing them into their lives in meaningful and down to Earth ways experiencing embodied change.

My role is that of a pillar of Loving Presence and a guiding light for you to find the answers already present within.


“In am deeply grateful for the experience. Juan created a space, where all emotions were welcomed and I could relax into my fears. I could see them transform and soon felt safe and supported.

I had never experienced this before and shifted into a completely new level of self love and appreciation. Thank you Juan for your dedication and this work that really moved me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level”



"We have an innate wisdom, always present within, that’s the inner Healer and Teacher sitting inside waiting for us to reconnect with it, and listen. From there we can move forward, feeling at home in our bodies, minds, hearts and Spirit; realize our full potential and walk life in beauty and right relation with all that is."

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