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My name is Juan Manuel Burgos Galarraga, born and raised in Argentina, I live in Bali and I see myself as a steward of Mother Earth and the new ways of being and living with ourselves, with each other, our surroundings and environment.


Scorpio, Spirit Animals I connect with are the Jaguar, Eagle and Phoenix, Waxaquib Imox is my birthday in the Chol Q'ij (traditional Mayan Calendar), Plant Medicine advocate, enthusiast and ongoing student; experiential learner, Space Holder, Facilitator and Ceremony guide, some of my superpowers are resilience, authenticity and feeling, and I walk learning and remembering from the Beauty ways from different lineages that speak to my Soul, Mother Earth, Spirit and Love, doing my best to support us all to experience and be in Sumaq Kawsay (Well Being and Well Living).

A little bit about my journey...

Mine has been a Hero's journey of healing, resilience, purpose, alignment, remembering, self-recognition and soulful authentic expression.

Radical Transformation has been a constant theme in my life, moving through many challenging life initiations...some blissful ones, others not at all.

It’s especially the most difficult moments that I’ve learnt the most from.

14 years ago, I experienced my first awakening in an unsupportive context that spiraled into drug abuse & addiction, depression, mental health challenges, suicide attempts, and under a supervised psychiatric treatment secluded at my family’s home, labeled as having “borderline personality disorder”.


I was blessed to see this as a gift and opportunity instead of a problem. Hitting rock bottom and rising like a phoenix, every trial I have faced has been profound and awakening.


My healing was a process of self-discovery; shifting the way I lived by slowing down, connecting with my body's wisdom, listening and attuning to the Natural Cycles and the wisdom of Spirit, Earth and the Heart.

During my process, I started to realize that my diagnose of BPD actually was more related to a Spiritual Emergency. Further down the path, as my "Trauma Pandora's Box" opened, I came to realize how it was actually related to a myriad of traumatic experiences during my upbringing and resembled more to Complex PTSD.

As I surrendered to the Universe, support appeared in almost miraculous ways in the form of guidance, practices, teachings, wisdom and inspiring people that came to me. At that time my connection with Spirits of Plant Medicines started to develop, very quickly delivering wisdom and insights that felt like remembering ancient memory and showing me what I am here for.


I felt the call of Mother Earth and left my urban life behind. It was very clear that the time to take the leap had come and I went in a journey of detachment and finding myself to serve that call.

Leaping from city life brought more initiations, tests and lessons.

Massive detachment, an unexpected experience in jail, moved through purposelessness, financial struggles and survival challenges; dissolutions and deaths (physical and symbolical), abuse, heartbreaks, burnout, depression, anxiety, big letting go's...

My life at this time was filled with radical change that invited me to recreate myself over and over, while continuously trust in the unfolding of things taking me closer to who I am and what I'm here for.

On the other side, I came out stronger, reborn, with a renewed appreciation for Life, Love and Being alive; committed to live a life of alignment, truth, authenticity, integrity, gratitude and celebration, in service to Mother Earth, Spirit and Love.

This journey has blessed me with discovering the medicine I carry and share it with others to support them in their own life's journey.


My body of work focuses on assisting the navigation and integration of deep transitional moments in life & transformational experiences that touch the core of someone's being, helping people birth and embody a new version of themselves, bring the pieces back together in a new way and finding their own way to translate it into their life, celebrating and embracing the gift that life is.

I'd say there's a "Soul Doula" quality in it.

I am passionate about this body of work and the space where mental health, trauma recovery and plant medicine work meet. My approach weaves together traditional and ancient healing modalities for integrative healing with modern and alternative trauma-informed approaches for positive transformation & embodied change.

I now share what I discovered and learnt through one-to-one therapeutic journeys and profoundly inspiring experiences in community.

I strive towards creating spaces of safety for people to feel held, heard, cared for and supported as they blossom into who they are, develop a felt sense of home within and feel empowered to move forward in their lives.

This work speaks to my soul’s purpose and my heart, and I'm committed to do my best to support this very special time of bridge building, between tradition and science, bringing together the best of both worlds and exploring how plant medicines & psychedelics can be the next stage of evolution in the fields of mental health, trauma recovery, well-being & well-living.

It is my soul’s purpose to support people on their healing journeys, working with Plant Medicines in honoring ways, and creating the foundations for them to experience integrated and embodied change with long-lasting positive results and realize their full potential.

My mission is to support people awakening and connecting to their inner guidance, develop a felt sense of home in their heart-body-mind-being, integrating all parts of themselves and finding the joy of living in alignment with their highest truth and walk life in beauty, gratitude, celebration and right relation with all, creating and experiencing new ways of being within themselves, with others and the environment.

I have participated, assisted, led and facilitated retreats and trainings in the fields of shamanic work, ceremony and prayer, plant medicine, music, dance, tantra, yoga, permaculture, sacred sexuality, intimacy & relationships, somatic healing and shadow work to name a few; supporting hundreds of people from all over the world, both in group and individual settings, to gain insight, clarity, perspective and translate the insights of their experiences into their everyday lives and experience embodied change.

I’m honored and grateful to be part of this very special moment and help making this world a better place for us and those yet to come.

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